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Laying the foundations with


Sadly, unless you are an existing client, we are unable to offer viewings for fabric and wallpaper at this time.


Integrating fabrics & wallpapers into the whole design process is vital. We specialise in bringing all the elements together, to work as one, making your home beautiful...

We have a huge range of fabric and wallpapers from the major suppliers in the industry: Style Library (incorporating Harlequin & Sanderson), Jane Churchill, Colefax and many more. Whether you want traditional or contemporary, you will be spoilt for choice. You are very welcome to come and browse by making a personal appointment as we no longer keep retail hours. 


Sadly, there are a number of people who don't seem to understand that we provide goods and services to make a profit and thus survive as a business. A number of these have wasted our time and abused our services then "gone on-line where it's cheaper" - they mean buying it from people who don't offer a service and don't have the same overheads. If you are in that category please use them, just don't abuse us. As a result, we are now "appointment only".

Some of the photos in the gallery are from our trip to Style Library, our main supplier for wallpaper and fabric, on their open day. Harlequin, Sanderson and Scion are among the companies which come under the new umbrella of Style Library.


Design Process - IMG_1421
Design Process - IMG_1417
Design Process - IMG_1419
Design Process - IMG_1403
Design Process - IMG_1389
Design Process - IMG_1392
Design Process - IMG_1394
Design Process - IMG_1411
Design Process - IMG_1422
Matching Wallpaper to Bedding
Tailor-made Wall Covering
Corresponding Bedding & Wallpaper
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